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The Mission Is Simple!

Love the lost, restore hope to the hopeless, help to the helpless, breakthrough the religious barriers that have bound so many people, and shut them out from the Kingdom of God.

The invitation from God is extended to all by Grace, everyone is welcome your past sins, do not disqualify you. They only point out that you are lost in life. In need of forgiveness, there is a loving Father who is longing for sons and daughters to know His love. You can start all over again. There is still room at the table. Our mission is to offer you a chair.

Our Leaders

Living in God’s amazing grace!

Apostle Carlos Lamar is the founder and senior leader of Refuge of Hope in Christ, Hopkinsville Ky. Also is the senior leader of Center Street Baptist Church Owensboro Ky.  He serves along side his wonderful wife Prophetess Rhonda Lamar. together they are a Dunamis  duo. Both love and believe in serving Gods people and have seen Gods power transform the lives of the people. 


Apostle Carlos Lamar

Apostle Carlos Lamar Sr. is the Pastor and Founder of Refuge of Hope in Christ Baptist Church in Hopkinsville, Ky and Senior Pastor of New Beginning in Christ Baptist Church in Owensboro, Ky.

Apostle Carlos Lamar Sr is married to Rhonda Bynum Lamar and together they share five children.

At the age of 18, Apostle Lamar accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. In 1990, he had a divine visitation where he saw and was touched by God’s Shekinah Glory.  From that time on, men and women of God prophetically told him that he would do a great work for the Lord.

In 1998, he was invited to preach his first sermon at St. John Baptist Church. In 1999 he was licenses and ordained Through the church of Jesus under Bishop R.A. Smith.  Not knowing whether he was a prophet, pastor, teacher, or evangelist, he sought the Lord for clarity.

The Lord reminded him of the vision, and his exact words were, “I sent you”, Apostle, (Ap-Stellos), meaning one sent. In 2000, God released Apostle Lamar to the lay the foundation for Refuge of Hope in Christ, which he is continually building in order to add souls to the kingdom of God. Through the power given to him by God, many miracle, signs, and wonders have followed his ministry.

The supernatural healings, demons cast out, souled saved, and people raised back to life from their death beds.  While preaching at a conference in 2010, his Apostleship was confirmed by two different prophets.  He was still hesitate to publicly embrace this title. While attending a church service, God used Apostle Raphael Robinson of Chicago, IL to prophesy and confirm that God wanted Apostle Lamar to publicly embrace his apostleship.

While at a conference in Chicago, it was confirmed again by Apostle Rick Daniels, of Milwaukee WI. In June 2011, God’s next assignment for him was in the city of Owensboro, Ky where he was appointed the Senior Pastor of the Center Street Baptist Church. He has ordained Deacons and Bishops raised up Pastors, Teachers,Evangelists and Prophets. Apostle Lamar has preached on local and TV broadcast and is the Author of 2 books Women be made whole and Celestial combat. He also teaches the school of prophets, Spiritual welfare and Leadership. And is a student of Hebrew and Greek bible studies.

Apostle Carlos Lamar Sr is a true servant of God.
Elect Lady

Prophetess Rhonda Lamar

Prophetess Rhonda Bynum Lamar was born again at the age 14 at a Pentecostal youth revival, at 15 she was baptized with the Holy Spirit and started preaching at the age of 17.
She has served in numerous ministry of the church such as: Children Sunday school teacher,Youth leader, Pastor Aide Leader, Armor bearer, Women ministry leader, Choir, Street Evangelist, Leadership trainer, and intercessory prayer leader. At the age of 30 she received the  honor of church mother,
Rhonda has been a Licensed Deaconess Missionary, Evangelist Missionary, Ordain Elder and Pastor.
Prophetess Rhonda’s Secular accomplishment are: Associate of Art degree, Bachelors of Theology, Bachelors of Psychology and Masters in Marriage
and Family Therapy.  Prophetess has owned three Childcare Center, been a Licensed Real estate agent, MaryKay consultant and a Manager of Visionwork. Prophetess  Rhonda currently serve alongside her Husband, Apostle Carlos Lamar, as the Senior Pastor of Refuge of Hope in Christ, Hopkinsville, Ky. and The Elect Lady of Center Street Baptist Church, Owensboro, Ky.

Love The Lost, Restore Hope To The Hopeless!

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