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Sharing God’s love with everyone

The mission is simple!  Love the lost, restore hope to the hopeless, help to the helpless, breakthrough the religious barriers that have bound so many people, and shut them out from the Kingdom of God.

The invitation from God is extended to all by Grace, everyone is welcome your past sins, do not disqualify you. They only point out you’re are lost in life. In need of forgiveness, there is a loving Father who is longing for sons and daughters to know His love, you can start all over again. There is still room at the table. Our mission is to offer you a chair.

you are Welcome

Sharing God’s love with everyone

We experience biblical community through small groups. Me & The World – We contribute our time, talents and resources to further the Jesus Mission in our communities and in the world.
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Reaching those who are far from God – We live out the Jesus Mission together in community through our small groups and ministries. Restoring God’s dream for the world.
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  • 1912 Center St Hopkinsville, Kentucky 42240

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